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Our Sustainability Practices

At Châteaux, we are committed to being a socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly and ethical brand in our community.

We believe every decision we make in our business can have an impact on the environment and its sustainability.

As such, we want to be intentional and responsible in how we choose to conduct our business.

To keep ourselves accountable to our community and customers, we are communicating our current Sustainability Practices here.

No Wastage Brewing

  • We brew to order to reduce wastage due to expired stocks or compromised freshness. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • We bottle our kombucha in recyclable glass bottles and aluminium bottle caps.
  • We use biodegradable paper packaging for our kombucha sets.
  • We use Kraft paper packaging to reduce chemical processes on the paper.
  • We collect used Châteaux bottles, sanitise and reuse them to reduce waste.

Optimised Delivery Efficiencies

  • We consolidate our orders to 2 weekly deliveries to reduce our carbon footprints and lower the delivery costs for our customers.
  • We make it easy for our subscribers to alter or skip their orders to avoid unnecessary deliveries or wasted products.
  • We also allow our subscribers to add on products as a combined order to reduce additional deliveries.
  • We self-deliver and use private couriers to avoid excessive transit-packaging required by larger courier companies.

Digitalisation to Reduce Paper Use

  • We choose digital methods across our business to reduce any use of paper, including bank statements, e-commerce statements and delivery slips.
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