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We heard you.
Châteaux kombucha has become an essential beverage in your diet and a must-have in your fridge. However you often find you have run out of it  (usually when you need it most) because you were too busy to replenish them. 

So we've built a solution around your needs with a simple, flexible auto-delivery arrangement. 


  • Choose between 1, 2, 3 or even 4-week intervals.
  • Charged only when there is a delivery.
  • Manage your subscription plan online.
  • Change the frequency or delay the delivery dates anytime.
  • Save 15% off the regular price.
  • Cancel anytime after the 3rd delivery.
  • Discounted delivery charge of $3.90 (Usual $4.90) for subscribers.


  • No need to go on to the website to make the purchase each time.
  • Auto-delivery at your stipulated intervals.
  • Fresh supply and takes up less storage. 
  • Saves money 
  • Constant supply of probiotics for your wellbeing.


  1. Head over to "Shop" page and select either 6-Pack or Quartet.
  2. Select "Subscribe and Save" and the Frequency of Delivery.
  3. Add to Cart, Create your Account and Check Out.
(Note: Special Discount Codes are only applicable for One-Off Purchases.)

To check back your orders or edit your delivery intervals, simply sign in and go to Account -> My Orders. 

Then sit back, relax and wait for your delivery of sparkling, artisanal craft Châteaux kombucha! 




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