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We know kombucha is new to many people and naturally there will be many questions surrounding this amazing drink. 

So here goes..

What does Châteaux kombucha taste like? 

The taste of each brand of kombucha much depends on the brewer's style and preference. Some brewers prefer a more vinegary taste, some prefer a lighter taste. At Châteaux, we want our kombucha to be subtly sweet, tart, not sour, full-bodied and sparkling. Châteaux kombucha is often touted as a fantastic thirst-quencher that you can gulp down straight from the bottle because it is so good!

And don't be deceived into thinking Châteaux kombucha is very sweet just because of the vibrant colours of our kombucha. Our kombucha get their colours from the generous portions of real fruits added to them. They are truly al naturale! 

Is the jelly-like substance in the kombucha safe to be consumed?

As kombucha is a living tea, the living cultures in it continue to grow. So you may occasionally find jelly-like substance in your kombucha if they are not kept refrigerated. This is the condensed form of probiotic cultures. It is safe to be consumed and it contains rich amounts of probiotics. Some people may not like the consistency so you can choose to sieve it out before drinking.

What are the sediments at the bottom of the bottle?

It’s called “the mother,” and it contains raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria. You can give the bottle a gentle swirl to mix it up before you drink. Alternatively, if you prefer not to consume it, you can let it settle before you pour.

How should we store the kombucha?

As our kombucha contains marvellously carefree cultures, we recommend that you refrigerate them under 5C upright upon receiving your kombucha. This will also prevent your kombucha from further fermenting and turning more sour and tart.

How should we consume kombucha?

Châteaux kombucha should be consumed chilled because it unleashes the sparkle in each bottle. Drink it neat or on the rocks or even straight out of the bottle! You do not need to dilute Châteaux kombucha because it is brewed to be consumed as it is.

Châteaux kombucha can be consumed at any time of the day. It is good to start the morning with kombucha to give your guts a boost. It is great with meals, in the hot afternoon or after exercise.

Is there alcohol in kombucha?

It is known to be true that certain traces of alcohol may exist in kombucha just like in many fermented foods, ripe fruits, fruit juices and soy sauce! 

Who should avoid kombucha?

As a safety precaution, we advice children below the age of 5, pregnant women and people with compromised immunity system to consume kombucha only after consulting with a health practitioner.


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